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For your book to be discovered online and for it to rank in the right categories on Amazon and other bookstores, you need an optimized blurb and description. 

We can revive a dead book by optimizing the description, or setup your new book to rank high on the best selling categories.

We'll provide a professionally written and keyword optimized book description and blurb to go along with your soon-to-be best selling book (or already published book).

Provide your existing book description (if you have one), examples of competing books, a four-act summary (for fiction) or five things your readers will learn from the book (for non-fiction).

As a special bonus, we’ll throw in text for 3 Amazon Ads and a Facebook Ad version of your description copy. With a new book description, Facebook Ad, and Amazon Ads, you’ll be able to drive higher converting traffic to your book sales page and grow your mailing list!